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V.A. - Sinners a Billy in Halloween

Artista: Vários.
País: Vários.
Disco: V.A. - Sinners a Billy in Halloween.
Ano: 2011.
Gênero: Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Horror Punk.

Músicas: [Disco 1]

Corpse Show Creeps - Welcome To The Corpseshow
Nekromantix - Bats In My Pants
The Creepshow - Rue Morgue Radio
Horror Story - Devils Jukebox
HorrorPops - Ghouls
Kitty in a casket - Horror Express
Manic Pistoleros - Silver Bullet
The Lucky Devils - Psycho Pin-Up
Sick Sick Sinners -  Zombie's Union
Cold Blue Rebels - Zombie Love
Elvis Presley - (You're the) Devil In Disguise
Zombie Ghost Train - R.I.P.
As Diabatz - Necrolove
Calabrese - Voices of the Dead
Horror Story - Devils Jukebox
Os Catalépticos - Atomic Zombie
Os Baratas Tontas - Comedores de Cerebros
Skizoyds - Frankenstein

Músicas: [Disco 2]

Nekromantix - Trick or Treat
The Creepshow - Creatures of the Night
Horrorpops - Walk like a Zombie
Calabrese - Midnight Spookshow
Voodoo Zombie - El Zombie
The Brains - Zombie Nation
The Hellfreaks - Horrorshow
Batmobile - Zombie Riot
Mad Sin - Devils Tail
Spellbound - (You're The) Devil In Disguise
Johnny Nightmare - Saturday Night Evil
The Dead Beats - Zombies
Devils Brigade - Vampire Girl
Rattlesnakes - Voodoo Rock
CWBillys - Zumbilly
Rocket to Memphis - Wolfman
Ovos Presley - Papai é um Morto Vivo

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